2012 Spirit of the West Cruise Diary and Photos

We're starting the count down, and we've started our cruise diary for 2012 - enjoy!

Below is some information on where the 2012 Spirit of the West Cruise is going.
We hope you enjoy the following diary of our trip as we head to Hawaii. See the map below (or scroll down).

We will sail on the Golden Princess - here's what she looks like on the outside.

The 2012 Spirit of the West T-shirt for Hawaii!

Golden Princess Golden Princess Golden Princess

Below you'll find our basic itinerary and a map of where we are traveling. Go to the Itinerary below (or scroll down).

Diary, Spirit of the West Cruise, 2012

You can also see a diary on Billie and Hugh's web site at www.hugh-mclennan.com.
The diary and photos on their web site will be different than the ones on this page.

The following photos will all enlarge if you click on them.

December 21st - 31st, 2011
... still counting, but quicker now ...

  1. Trying to convince Santa that we're good ...
  2. Billie and Hugh asking Santa for a cruise for Christmas.
  3. Last ride of the year? Kathy and her brother-in-law, Robert.
  4. Hopefully a few of these have some new clothes for the cruise!
  5. A last carrot before we head out. Kathy and her sister-in-law, Jill.
  6. The guests have a "last game of the year" hockey game.

January 2nd, 2011
we're on the road ... ok we're in the air

  1. 467 mile an hour and 40,000 feet
  2. coming in to LA ... looks like the houses stretch clear to Canada
  3. Princess Cruises met us at the airport
  4. Our first stop in LA ... after we got our room
  5. the pool ... a little cool but we did get in for a quick dip
  6. First night's dinner in the hotel dining room

January 3rd

  1. Mark drove our rental car through LA ... a liitle scary but fun!
  2. Santa Monica - looking up the beach to the pier
  3. Billie and Hugh with Kathy and her Aunt Inge & Uncle Ron on the way to the pier
  4. Us at the pier
  5. Us with Billie and Hugh and Inge at the pier
  6. Mark and Jim doing their favourite thing

January 4th & 5th

  1. Our first sighting of the Golden Princess
  2. Our cabin is right under, and a little behind, the bridge
  3. We watched the two tugs spin this freighter completely around
  4. Oh no ... Billie and Kathy found the jewelry store all ready!
  5. Kathy's desk and her first assignment
  6. A little rough - the swells have a few people in their cabins

January 6th & 7th

  1. Finally some sunshine and we're out on the deck
  2. We came back to our cabin and found this ...
  3. delivered from Billie and Hugh
  4. There's water in the pools now but they're still pretty wavey
  5. and this is nothing compared with a couple of days ago
  6. The ship photographers set up to take our group photo

January 6th & 7th

  1. The Galley ... stainless steel everywhere
  2. Our own private group tour
  3. Kathy getting a tail end private, private, tour
  4. One of the many watermelon carvings on our way through
  5. On the way out Billie and Kathy found another jewelry sale
  6. The indoor pool ... we haven't checked it out yet

January 7th & 8th

  1. The outdoor pool complete with big screen TV
  2. The first real nice weather ... we're definitely further south
  3. we getting scared ... we might start to really like this lifestyle
  4. One of the many fancy desserts!
  5. The only real reason to leave the pool is for dinner!
  6. The stern pool ... we'll be here one day soon

January 9th

  1. We arrived at the Parker Ranch store in Waimea at 18 minutes to 11:00
  2. A fairly big store with way too much to spend money on
  3. At least its tee-shirts not jewelry
  4. A couple of the stone fences
  5. One of our "Jack's Tours" buses waiting out front
  6. Jim took this of K & M at the gate way to the Pukalani Stables

January 9th

  1. One of the many rooms in the museum
  2. Kathy getting her horse fix
  3. This is a Monkey Pod tree
  4. The Golden Princess awaiting our return - for dinner - ya!
  5. This photo on our deck with an almost full moon
  6. Off to another fabulous dining room dinner.

January 10th

  1. On the way to Diamond Head Crater we saw Humpback Whales
  2. The babies were putting on a bit of a show for us
  3. Dante, our guide, chatting with Kathy
  4. We hiked right up inside a crater - you can see the wall in the photo
  5. A long climb and lots of steps
  6. Dante took this photo of us with Honolulu in the background

January 10th

  1. One of the two big stairways
  2. One long dark tunnel
  3. A lot of all natural footing / walkways
  4. Back to the ship where we had the ship pool almost to ourselves
  5. A quick swim and then lunch
  6. No one else in the pool :-)

January 10th

  1. Hawaii 5 0 watchers will recognise this statue of King Kamehameha
  2. After a walk through Honolulu we hit the beach - surfers in the distance
  3. Diamond Head in the background
  4. A liitle cooler than the ship's pool
  5. but really nice ... and the sun is intense!
  6. Kathy bought a new dress on the dock ... you'd think it was formal night

January 11th

  1. Looking out as we dock at Nawiliwili ... rain in the background
  2. At the Trolley Market ... then a short walk to
  3. this really nice pool in the hotel courtyard with a bar and lunch
  4. where the waitress took this photo of us with Billie and Hugh
  5. Kathy in the sea with the ship in the background
  6. Mark enjoying the really nice sea water!

January 11th & 12th

  1. Sun, and sand like silk!
  2. The tug boat did a dance for us right under our deck.
  3. Homework time - 100% on her first assignment though!
  4. Entering Lahaina Harbour on Maui at sunrise.
  5. Who needs to pay to go whale watching when ...
  6. you get this view from the breakfast table on the cruise ship.

January 12th

  1. A Banyan Tree in Lahaina ... massive
  2. Front Street Lahaina
  3. Kathy get's her dog fix with two Aussies.
  4. Last beach day ...
  5. Kathy with the surf in the background
  6. Mark enjoying his last float in the sea.

January 13th & 14th

  1. Aft ... we'll have our farewell party in the "Skywalkers Lounge" (top of the photo)
  2. The girls all ready for formal night
  3. We went to the "Crown Grill", a specialty steak house and it was absolutely awesome!
  4. Spinach, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, mushrooms, lobster, fillet mignon & a s'more!
  5. Billie used our camera for a photo shoot above the aft pool.
  6. Part of the display at the sushi table ... pretty amazing!

January 14th

  1. Note the log house with the rail fence ... the chefs are artists.
  2. Lunch ... as much as we wanted (not quite as good as Robert's though)
  3. Found a nice sheltered spot above the inside pool (cool outside today)
  4. We made a new friend - Julia from Romania - assistant manager of the photo department ...
  5. she was nice enough to give us a digital copy of this photo :-) (taken on the 7th)
  6. Happy hour at Billie & Hugh's before the sponsor dinner at Sabatini's (Italian specialty)

January 14th & 15th

  1. Sabatini's Italian restaurant - sponsor appreciation night - lobster!
  2. Seafood appies, yummy sketti, chicken kebobs, lobster ... and mousse desserts!
  3. Starting to cool down outside so we decided to take a Tequila tasting
  4. We learned about 4 different types of tequila and how they're made.
  5. Free taste test samples of 3 ... not as yummy as the sketti last night.
  6. The balloon toss before the International Crew Show (ship staff) - really good.

January 16th

  1. Kathy and Billie found another jewelery sale!
  2. Billie and Hugh went for a walk for exercise - we found a special cake buffet.
  3. Dressed up and ready for our last formal night.
  4. In the dining room with Peder Loeden from St Albert, AB
  5. Mark's view of, and from, the sound board - right beside the bar :-)
  6. Last jam session ... note the blankets ... another fun night though.

January 17th

  1. Some more watermelon art - a Mexican Vaquero.
  2. Kathy's favourite part of the farewell reception :-) thanks Karen and Jim!
  3. A view of Ensenada, Mexico from the farewell reception in the Skywalkers Lounge.
  4. Lots of seals playing in the harbour at Ensenada and
  5. talking to us from the pier.
  6. Ensenada, Mexico ... our last stop :-(

January 17th

  1. We took this photo for Eva and Votek, the 83 Mile Cactus folks
  2. Downtown Ensenada where we went for a wander and tried to ignore the kids selling Chicklets :-)
  3. Pelicans in the sunset welcomed us back to the ship (for the last time).
  4. Our favourite ship photographer Srdjan (Serbia) and photo department assistant manager Julia (Romania)
  5. Our favourite photo that was taken by Srdjan
  6. We thought about this duty free bottle ... well maybe not ... check the price tag :-)

January 18th saw us dock in LA in the early morning and arrive in Kamloops about 8:45 the same night. All in all a very enjoyable and relaxing cruise! We have the suntan and a little extra weight to prove it :-).

Our Itinerary!         Top of Page

3 prior

  • January 1st - Happy New Year everyone! We drive to Kamloops and spend the night at the Coast Kamloops Hotel.

2 prior

  • January 2nd - Early morning we head to the airport - 7:00 am flight to Calgary, change planes and fly to LA - arrive at noon and check in to Airport Marriott.

1 prior

  • January 3rd - We get an extra day in LA ... laze around the Airport Marriott and start holiday mode!

Day 1

  • January 4th Spend the day in LA and board the Golden Princess between 1:00 pm and 3:00pm. We sail at 4:00pm. 4:15 to 5:15pm is the Spirit of the West Welcome Reception in the Explorers Lounge.

Day 2

  • January 5th First day at sea. 9:00 to 10:00am meeting in Vista Lounge - Hoffman's Horse Ration and Jim Bell World Wide Cruise Vacations presentations and past passenger awards. 9:00 to 10:00pm first group sing-a-long under the stars.

Day 3

  • January 6th Second day at sea. 9:00 to 10:00am meeting in Vista Lounge - Larry Morrill of Morand Industries, and Jim Bell, Parker Ranch presentations.

Day 4

  • January 7th Third day at sea. Pool day!!

Day 5

  • January 8th Forth day at sea. Another pool day!! 9:00 to 10:00pm second group sing-a-long under the stars.

Day 6

  • January 9th Arrive Hilo, Hawaii at 9:00am. Spirit of the West private tour to the Parker Ranch.

Day 7

  • January 10th Arrive Honolulu, Hawaii at 7:00am. Beach day ... or excursions. Set sail 11:00pm.

Day 8

  • January 11th Arrive Kauai, Hawaii at 8:00am. Beach day ... or excursions. Set sail 5:00pm.

Day 9

  • January 12th Arrive Maui, Hawaii at 7:00am. Beach day ... or excursions. Set sail 6:00pm.

Day 10

  • January 13th At sea - 9:00 to 10:00pm group gathering.

Day 11

  • January 14th At sea. Pool day!

Day 12

  • January 15th At sea. Pool day!

Day 13

  • January 16th At sea. Pool day! 9:00 to 10:00pm group sing-a-long under the stars.

Day 14

  • January 17th Arrive Ensenada, Mexico 4:00pm. 3:30 to 4:30pm farewell reception. Set sail 8:00pm.

Day 15

  • January 18th Arrive LA 7:00am. Disembark Golden Princess and head to airport. Fly LA (1:00pm) - Calgary - Kamloops (arrive 8:00pm)

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Here's a route map showing all six of our stops.
The number on the map refers to the day in the itinerary. Click to enlarge.

14 days to Hawaii and back!
Route Map for the 2012 Hawaii Cruise
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2012 Spirit of the West Tee-shirt
The 2012 Spirit of the West T-shirt for Hawaii!
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Check out our other diary of the 2012 Spirit of the West Cruise on Hugh's web site
at: www.hugh-mclennan.com - it'll have all different photos and text in the diary.

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