2011 Mexican Riviera Group Photo
2011 Mexican Riviera Group Photo
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2016 Mexican Riviera Cruise Itinerary, Diary and Photos

Below is some information on where the 2016 Spirit of the West Cruise is going. We hope you enjoy the following diary as we head to the Mexican Riviera. See the map below (or scroll down). We will sail on the Crown Princess - below is a photo showing what she looks like.

See the map below (or scroll down).
Go to the Itinerary below (or scroll down).

You can also follow us on the cruise by going to the
Princess Webcams and click on Crown Princess.

Kathy and Mark
on holiday! Kathy and Mark on holiday
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Alsace Wine Route in France   Emerald Princess in the Mediterranean

The Crown Princess!

Diary for January 2016

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December 2015

We built a roof over our deck so Harry wouldn't have to shovel snow while we were away :-).

I bet one of these would make a great Christmas tree ... and right on our road, too.

Back home with a nice a little tree in no time. The hole in the branches is for the book case :-)

A few lights & some decorations ... I think we'll find new swim suits or shorts under there!

December is flying by so quick that by the time we get those presents unwrapped it'll be time to pack and head to the airport ... can't hardly wait ... although we have way too much to do before we go ...

January 7th & 8th 2016

Nice room in the Marriott in LA ... but we're missing one suit case :-( ... lost between Kamloops & Vancouver.

LA Marriott Restaurant - our first dinner with Billie & Hugh and Jim & Karen.

Setting sail on the Crown Princess. Kathy helps Jim & Karen put out name tags, etc.

Jim and Mark getting the sound guy sorted out ... actually he was right on the ball.

January 7th & 8th
Well we're on our way. I said to everyone as we walked to the plane in Kamloops, "look at the snow - it's the last we'll see for quite a while". No one seemed to care. Travels were all good except for one missing suit case (how they lost it between Kamloops and Vancouver is the question). The get aquainted party and the slide show were well attended and went over well.

January 8th & 9th

A couple of surprise guests joined us for our first dining room dinner on the ship. We had no idea they would be here!

Robert and Jill with Kathy and I at dinner in the Michelangelo Dining Room.

Another get aquainted party after dinner with J & R and Jim & Karen (and a little wine).

Inge and Ron, Kathy's Aunt & Uncle, toured us around San Diego. Here we are at a State Park lookout.

January 8th & 9th
When we left the get aquainted party we ran into a surprise on the ship ... my sister and Robert!! We had no idea they were going to be here. So needless to say we got in some good quality wine drinking time. On the 9th in San Diego, we spent the day with Kathy's Aunt and Uncle and had a great visit and a super day.

January 9th

From up on the light house hill the view was spectacular and the old light house was cool.

Looking west is the route used by the migrating whales. Behind us is a whale skeleton.

The light house dates way back to the mid 1800s and is now a museum. A really well kept place.

For miles along the road there were military grave markers in rows straight in every direction.

January 9th

Our tour guides then took us to old town San Diego - the original city. Kathy & Inge out exploring.

A nice little Mexican restaurant - we had this combo plate - getting ready for Mexico.

A great visit with an Aunt & Uncle we don't often get to see - wish we had more time here.

After lunch guess who we ran into in Old Town - J & R walked to old town (Ron still can't believe that).

January 9th
We had a great day in San Diego with our tour guides - Kathy's Aunt & Uncle, Inge & Ron. They were awesome hosts and we saw lots in the short time we had ... and the nice part - as we walked around sightseeing we got to visit with them! Thanks again you two - today will be a highlight of the trip.

January 9th & 10th

You can see the size of the SS Midway by the fighter jets on deck.

Happy hour at Billie & Hugh's as we leave San Diego heading for Mexico.

Small world? Karen and I standing with the mayor of 100 Mile at the sing-a-long.

A day at sea and formal night - Princess gave me this tux to wear to dinner.

January 9th & 10th
At the welcoming party Mitch Campsall, Mayor of 100 Mile House, came up and said hi to me. We had no idea he would be here - we invited him to our group sing-a-long (photo above). On the 10th we had formal night but because of the missing suitcase Princess gave me a complimentary tux to wear. The only problem was that people in the dining room were asking me to bring them a bottle of wine!

January 10th

Who knew we could spiffy up like this? Wow!

At least with the hat on folks didn't think I was a waiter.

Kathy heard something about chocolate and ordered this - yummy!

A visit with Jim & Karen and Jill & Robert in the wine bar after dinner.

January 10th
The meals on the ship, as always, are awesome. We've had some great days with great food and great company. We've seen a lot of past year's people and met a pile of new ones too.

January 11th

As the Crown Princess enters the bay at Cabo San Lucas we pass Los Arcos.

We tendered ashore then the whole group got on a catamaran ...

... and headed out to a beach for some snorkeling fun.

There's a lot of Pelicans sitting on boats - some are quite colourful.

January 11th

Our underwater camera quit as soon as it got wet :-( ... but Shawna Erickson gave us all her underwater shots. Lots of great photos of lots of fish - thanks Shawna!

January 12th

Kim picking us up at the dock in La Paz.

We drove for a long time on a really straight road ...

... but finally got to the Rancho El Cajon where horses awaited us.

Mark and Larry, one of our guides, entering the canyon.

January 12th
We had a great time with both Kim & Larry, our guides, and Tanny & Wendy. The horses were in good shape and well behaved. We paid a tad extra to ride in American saddles which were also very good. The canyon we rode through was spectacular and the beach we rode down after was beautiful. A really awesome day!

January 12th

Some of these big cacti could be 500 years old..

Mark rode "Toronado" - imagine the ride he had. Kathy rode "Diamante"

Mark followed by Tanny approaching the beach.

Mark and Toronado riding the beach with quite the surf.

January 12th

Pretty cool - cacti and desert and in 100 yards there's the ocean!

Kathy and "Diamante" with miles and miles of cacti behind them.

Kim at the bottom taking photos as Mark and Toronado descend to the beach.

We rode miles of beach ... these are squatters living on the beach.

January 12th

We tied up to this little shelter for a quick leg stretch.

Annie!! Well it sure looks and acts like Annie.

The owner of the ranch breeds and sells mules to local outfitters.

Kim chatting with Chayo, the ranch owner, and Mark.

January 12th & 13th

Kim stopped at a little roadside taco place where we had lunch.

Kim then stopped so we could shop at a local market.

Right off the ship in Loreto we saw this donkey and cart.

Loreto was a really nice clean and tidey little town.

January 13th

Jill overlooking as Kathy dickers on a salsa bowl.

A marguerita and a cerveza in the hot afternoon went down great.

One of Jill's photos of Kathy taking photos in Loreto.

Mark taking a photo of the hotel ceiling (the pool).

January 13th

The hotel ceiling is the bottom of the 3rd floor swimming pool.

The court yard or atrium of the Hotel Posada de Las Flores & Spa.

This little girl was so cute one could not help but take a photo.

Jill got a photo of us love birds walking down the streets of Loreto.

January 13th & 14th

Nice to have Jill aboard as now we get photos of the 2 of us.

Murray Stauffer & Lorne Reay with Kathy at the 5 time cruisers dinner.

An 8:00 am swim in one of the big pools before breakfast.

So nice at 8 am as no one else is around ... no kids, etc.

January 14th

Kathy at boot camp ... working out after breakfast.

Jill got some good photos at our group photo shoot.

She took this as she was taking a photo of us .... between his legs.

Then they had a bit of a camera war - both got good photos.

January 14th & 15th

Almost everyone in our group ... a sea of blue.

A hard life - at lunch we had to decide which dessert to pick.

Kathy, Jill and Robert at the wine tasting - Mark did photos.

At the Biblioteca Los Mangos (library) waiting for our ride.

January 15th

Kathy signing the waiver with the owner Pam watching over.

Leaving Rancho el Charro with Thomas as our guide.

Kathy on "Patricia". The horses were mostly a quarter horse mix.

We saw a few little places like this one in the middle of nowhere.

January 15th

A big rock quarrie. Soon we would be looking down at the top of this mountain.

We did a lot of river crossings - all the horse were in good shape.

Thomas leaves "Splash" standing as he opens a slip wire gate.

A chicklet tree (gum). Thomas hacked the side with his machetti ...

January 15th

and put the sap in his mouth - it turned into gum when he chewed it.

We climbed and climbed on some steep, but very good trails.

At the top Thomas tied the reins above the head so we could leave them.

An amazing view across the valley and the mountains.

January 15th

Kathy and Patricia snaking their way between two big rocks.

On the way back to the ranch - from river to trail to road.

Sarah & Ari didn't ride with us but we met on the way home.

Kathy and Patricia back at the entrance to Rancho el Charro.

January 15th

Thomas asked Mark's horse, "Confetti", to say thanks after the ride.

Kathy saying goodbye to Confetti as we depart the ranch.

Back at the ship in time for a dip before happy hour.

Kathy on the upper deck with a pirate ship in the background.

January 16th

Tonight and tomorrow night are all that's left in our home away from home.

A dinner with Robert & Jill and Karen & Jim in Sabatini's. Awesome!

Jim ordered us wine ... you don't want to know ...

An after dinner cheese tray - super, but different.

January 16th & 17th

Here we go again ... ok we'll take one of each - thank you.

Left is a chocolate tiramisu and this is a special cafe creme brule!

Karen & Jim hosted the annual farewell party in the Skywalker's Lounge!

Kathy & Karen getting names for the next cruise - over 30 people signed up!

January 17th

Jill snapped photos as everyone stopped to say goodbye after dinner.

Hopefully we'll see many of these folks again on the 2017 S of the W Cruise!

Hugh gets one more show interview - with Harvey & Shirley Canning.


For more photos see the Spirit of the West web site diary page at: www.Hugh-McLennan.com.

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1 prior

  • January 6th Head to Kamloops, meet Red and Helen and overnight at the Coast Kamloops Hotel.

Day 1

  • January 7th 6:00 AM flight to Vancouver then connect and fly to Los Angeles. Overnight at the Marriott Airport Hotel.

Day 2

  • January 8th Board the Crown Princess in time for lunch. Sail away at 4:00 PM. Our group will have a Welcome Reception in the Sky Walkers Nightclub right after the muster drill.

Day 3

  • January 9th 7:00 AM arrive San Diego, California. Meet Kathy's Aunt and Uncle, Ron and Inge. Spend the day and depart at 4:00 PM. From 9:00 PM till 10:00 PM there will be a group sing-along and concert at the Horizon Terrace overlooking the Terrace Pool.

Day 4

  • January 10th A sea day. R & R !!

Day 5

  • January 11th Arrive Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 9:00 AM. This is the day of our group outing - on a Catamaran! The tour includes lunch and sites like Lover's Beach, Sea Lion Colony, and Cabo Arch as well as snorkeling. The ship Departs at 5:00 PM. Sing-along tonight.

Day 6

  • January 12th 7:00 AM arrive La Paz, Mexico. Maybe a beach day ... snokeling ... touring ... Depart 5:00 PM

Day 7

  • January 13th 7:00 am arrive in Loreto, Mexico. Maybe a beach day ... snokeling ... touring ... Depart 6:00 PM.

Day 8

  • January 14th A sea day. R & R !!

Day 9

  • January 15th 8:00 AM arrive at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A day of horseback riding at the Rancho El Charro. Depart 5:00 PM

Day 10

  • January 16th A sea day. R & R !!.

Day 11

  • January 17th A sea day. R & R !!. From 2:00 to 3:00 PM there will be a group Farewell Reception in Skywalkers Night Club.

Day 12

  • January 18th 7:00 AM arrive Los Angeles, California. Fly to Vancouver and connect to Kamloops - home tonight. :-(.

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2016 Mexican Riviera Cruise
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