Accommodation at Meadow Springs Guest Ranch in the South Cariboo, BC, Canada

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Testimonials from Guests Staying at Meadow Springs Ranch

in the South Cariboo of British Columbia, Canada




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Accommodation at Meadow Springs Guest Ranch in the South Cariboo, BC, Canada

We have a guest book in the cabins for folks to write their comments. There are literally hundreds of comments so we've tried to pick a few that we thought were interesting. We also tried to pick a cross section of subjects. Enjoy!


I had a great time. Thanks for all your patience and a wonderful trip. I loved to ride and Cooper was the best. Thanks for showing us the tractor and how you make the hay bales. Everyone was so friendly, including the dogs and the horses. Hope to come back soon. - Jacelyn PS bye Meg & Bunch

Thanks for a great time! We really enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much for the trail ride, it was much appreciated. We loved all the animals. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome. PS We never thought that a ranch with minimal electronic devices and few places to shop could be so much fun, we really appreciated all of your hard work and kindness. We look forward to returning soon! Thanks a million. (parent's note) Great dogs, horses, & people! Thanks a lot. - The Morris & Pomfret family

Thanks Mark, Kathy, and animals. An awesome Thanksgiving weekend - as always! We love Meadow Springs. See you next year - The Harveys

Thank you for the wide open meadows, log fences, & cowboy cabin. Being able to bring our own horses (Allex & Nible) & 2 dogs (Benji & Gypsy) made this holiday very special. From round pen lessons to gate training (and playing cow-horse on Codi), the experience was fabulous, and thoroughly enjoyed! - Bev, Ludmilla, & Karen

Thank you for the much needed peaceful vacation! We have all enjoyed being in this amazing place. Waking up to see your beautiful horses, the sky line, & and the tranquility of this place has been wonderful. I had a great time horseback riding and I really appreciated you (Kathy) taking the time to make me feel comfortable on a horse again. I only wish we had more time. We also appreciated your hospitality in the evenings & playing with Meg. We wish all of you the best and hope to return soon. - Cathy, Stefan & Liam PS Thank you for helping us to find fun things to do. The Buffalo tour was definitely a highlight.

Dear Mark & Kathy - Our family had a great time at your ranch. My favourite times were when we sat and talked at the Bar-B-Q. We really like the atmosphere that you have created here. Be back soon. - The McGinnis Family

Mark & Kathy, what a terrific few days we have spent in your paradise! The kids will take some wonderful memories home with them. Thanks for the info on the buffalo farm & boating at Watch Lake, had a great time doing both. The horse (and you) were so patient with us on our first horseback ride, which made it a fabulous adventure. Thanks again - Dario, Lisa, Jade, Alen, Nico & Maddy

Ahh we are back. Time to leave all the hustle and bustle behind us. Snow on the trees, a moonlit night, and an owl to greet us back - Margriet and Tim

Mark & Kathy. You are two thoughtful and caring people, Thank you so much for your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay and will tell friends of this special guest ranch to visit. All good wishes - Doug & Lyn

The cabin was great! The horse ride was lots of fun. I'll miss Cooper very much. Cooper was very careful and made sure I didn't fall off! - Adrienne

Mark & Kathy. We arrived guests and left friends. Thank you for making our holiday. Love Nick & Carrie

Thank you Mark & Kathy! We had a blast on Rusty and Jag. David and I learned more about horses in the half hour Kathy spent orienting us than we had learned in a lifetime. Thank you Kathy! The Log Cabin is a wonderfully cozy & romantic spot for our honeymoon. We leave you with best wishes & fond memories - David & Rheanne

Thank you, This place was the piece of heaven we hoped to find in BC! Thank you for welcoming us into your home! Fantastic - David and Abbie

It's been a pleasure to meet you Kathy and Mark. Thank you for the Log Cabin, the CD, the horse ride, and hope to see you again. Thank you for your hospitality!!! - Sylvie and JC

Thanks Mark & Kathy for reminding me of my life on the farm in my childhood. I so enjoyed looking at the old machines and thinking of the life my parents had those long years ago. I loved the big sky, the sunsets and the amazing display of stars. I feel so rested! Thanks again - Lillian

Thank you for an enjoyable stay. We loved the peace & quiet. The horse riding was a great experience & Kathy's expertise & patience was appreciated. It was a taste of a different lifestyle. Hope to be back one day - Susan & Bob


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