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Here's one of the many testimonials (more below)
Hi Mark, just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did setting up our website ... you work well with us computer illiterate people ... lol ... my customers find the site very easy to navigate around, and the new customers we have generated from setting up the internet site has paid for itself many times over ... we show up well on google searches and that has generated a lot of extra business ... thanks again, Jeff

Quick Loading
I try to keep all sites as fast loading as possible. A lot of people have high speed Internet...but a lot still don't. I want my sites to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone that wants to see them! I'll build a website to the wishes of my customer but will advise them as to the technical advantages or disadvantages of different ideas. I try to create a balance between a modern looking, fun, animated site, and a fast loading site.

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Search Engine Friendly
This is one of the hardest, and yet most important things to accomplish. A web page is not much use if no one can find it. I subscribe to regular newsletters that help me to keep up-to-date on the search engines and what they are looking for to rank sites. Anyone can build a takes time and experience to get it ranked!

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Easy Site Navigation
I feel that it is very important to keep a website's pages and links consistant. Once a viewer sees how one page works they can find their way around the whole site, without having to study each page for a way out. This also applies to contact information - I like to see easy to find contact info on every page!

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Good Looking
First impressions are always important! If a viewer finds a website, the next thing is to keep them interested. I like to keep sites fairly simple, yet modern and appealing - especially the home page. Once a viewer is interested they will carry on throughout the rest of the site. I also find it important to keep web sites updated and current and so does Goggle.

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Reasonable Rates
I charge a basic rate of  $35 (Cdn) per hour. I can do alot of work in an hour. The cost of a website depends on the amount of content and design involved. If you would like a quote on having a website built just send me an idea of what you would like to see and I'd be happy to work out a price that works for both of us! Email: or see the Contact Information lower down.

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Here are a couple of letters that I have received from customers

First letter after the site was finished
I looked her over again this morning. It passes my standards with flying colours. I think as far as I can see it can go into production and you can send me the bill. Now all I gotta do is to try and be as professional as you made me out to be . . . how do ya do that?

Second letter
I do think it is a great peice of work and I sure do appreciate the advise on putting my website on my correspondence. If you ever plan on becoming a booking agent please add me to your client list. I kinda like your down to earth common sense approach to giving advise and dealing with people.
John Glawson - for Ol' Ugly
Ol' Ugly Country Comedian

I don't know if you get feedback from musicians after you have reviewed their CD, but, I have been getting Email orders for my CD from Canada and just the other day from Maryland, USA. The Maryland folks read the review on-line. Needless to say, the CD is selling well and I am getting lots of opportunity to step out from behind the bass and perform at Gatherings in Canada and the US. Thanks for the help, Mike Burns (This was through the BC Cowboy Heriage Society web site.)

Regarding the streaming audio...
I have read several really thick books, searched the forums, read tons of help files and never came across m3u. I had to go to the cowboy site to get the goods on the tecky stuff. M3u works like a charm. This is exactly what I wanted all along but couldn't find out how to make it happen.
Tom (This was through a web site column I do in the BC Cowboy Heriage Society newsletter on their web site.)

The next three are from Tom Cole at:

December 6th - Mark
I have seen a substantial increase in traffic to the website. I was getting between 500 and a 1000 hits per month. The months since the update, have been 2000 to 4500 hits.
Thanks Tom

December 18th - Mark
I got my first call for a booking off of the web site. I have also noticed an increase in the number of emails from people we used to see on the road. This tells me that the web site is being more visible. You folks have a great Christmas!

January 16th - Mark, The web had almost 4200 hits in December as compared to the 500 to a 1000 per month, previous to the optimization. My email has increased a bunch too. Brian and I have had a job offer, doing a sound track for a TV show. I don't want to blab too much about that as there are lots of 'ifs' to be dealt with, but it goes to show that the site is working much, much better. Thanks Happy New Year!

MSR Contact Information
MSR Web Design is owned and operated by Mark McMillan
To contact Mark you can Email:

or write to:
Meadow Springs Ranch
1593 Stormy Road
70 Mile House, BC
Canada, V0K 2K1

Phone: (250) 456-2425
Fax: (250) 456-2429

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