Accommodation at Meadow Springs Guest Ranch in the South Cariboo, BC, Canada

Meadow Springs is a Working Ranch in BC's South Cariboo in Canada





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Meadow Springs is a Working Ranch in BC's South Cariboo in Canada

The ranch is a quarter mile wide and one mile long, which is 160 acres, called a quarter section. The fences are mainly the typical log snake fences seen throughout the Cariboo. When out exploring one will often come across one of the older original "Russell Fences", and the occasional "stack yard".

All of the cow work is done on horseback - the old fashioned cowboy way. Below you'll see photos at branding time, during round up, and at haying time.

The photo to the right shows the layout of the ranch from the air. If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you'll be able to see the hay meadows, where the buildings are situated, etc.

a working ranch as well as a Guest Ranch and/or Dude Ranch with horseback trail rides
click on this photo to enlarge

Haying with a team of horses at Meadow Springs Ranch about 1940

One of the old homesteads of the South Cariboo, the ranch is completely surrounded by Crown Land. The photo to the left shows, what was then known as the Thompson Meadow, being hayed with a team of horses pulling a mower in about 1940.

Some of the original Gold Rush Trail wagon road (photo to the right) that used to be the main road to Barkerville in BC's gold rush era crosses our road. This, and other trails and roads, make for endless adventure - be it by car, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiling. There are lots of trees, natural meadows, six year-round natural springs, and even a private lake.

The old Cariboo gold rush trail wagon road
Meadow Springs Ranch is part of the Verified Beef Producer program Branding time at Meadow Springs Ranch The branding irons heating up in the wood heater Branding a calf Round up in the fall
Branding a horse at Meadow Springs Ranch Twin calves Meadow Springs Ranch Haying out at the Meadow Springs Ranch hay lease Bringing in a wagon load of round bales The dogs take in the view from on top of a round bale
Fall seeding for next years hay crop Some more farming in the fall Chopping holes in the ice for the stock to drink Filling the stock tanks with a fire hose and pump A couple of bulls rest in the bull pasture

The closest neighbours are about five miles south, eight miles north, and forty miles west. This gives the feeling of being out in the wilderness. Although it seems private and isolated, it is only 10 minutes to 70 Mile House or 20 minute drive to 100 Mile House. On our map page you can see where we are located and get directions on how to get here.


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